THE GULF - April 2018

"Having the lights dim by slow degrees so that the audience don’t notice that night has fallen is the icing on the cake as far as the play’s naturalism is concerned." - Simon Fearn, Everything Theatre

"Matthew Gould (who also directs) and Mitchell Reeve (also lighting) have created a real sense of time and place with their boat and lighting that gives a sense of time passing in this 90-minute production." - Shanine Salmon, View From The Cheap Seat

"Mitchell Reeve’s design is impressive... The lighting creates a hot haze which slowly gives way to the moonlight, while bird song helps set the scene, overall, it’s an effective look." - Greg Stewart, Theatre Weekly

"Mitchell Reeve’s lighting and Will Thompson’s sound design work beautifully together to make us part of the increasingly claustrophobic, inescapable evening the central pair are experiencing. The set, also by Reeve, along with director Matthew Gould, is gorgeous." - Meredith Jones Russell, The Plays The Thing UK

"Mitchell Reeve and Matthew Gould’s simple yet stunning set confines us to the beauty and pain of the love and hate that these two women have for each other." - Ben Hipkiss, Pocket Size Theatre

"The lighting by designer Mitchell Reeve creates an atmosphere of being on the Alabama coast." - Hayley Sprout

LOVESTUCK - July 2017

"The staging and lighting were absolutely great... The lighting worked well to create the atmospheres desired, especially with scenes taking place outside." - Lauryn Clarke, MTAS

PETE 'N' KEELY - May 2017

"Mitchell Reeve lights it with depth and intensity" - Julian Eaves,

THE DOPPEL GANG - January 2017

"There are gauzes with lighting bleed reveals. Even the Dressing room mirror is carefully lit to reflect or allow transparency. Everything built to fit this wonderful little theatre. Pure magic!!!" - Richard Lambert, Theatre Reviews . Design

"Mitchell Reeve’s lighting perseveres throughout, accentuating the stage design as it swiftly moves between stage and dressing room." - Madhia Hussain, Live Theatre UK

"The technical aspects of the show are excellently done. The audience gets to see the backstage life and the actual ‘performance’ simultaneously. This effect is done quite effortlessly on the small Tristan Bates stage. Special mention therefore to Mitchell Reeve for his lighting design." - The Play's The Thing UK

"craftily lit screen which was both a clever and effective device." - Graham Archer, West End Wilma

"There’s a genuine sense of how a shabby theatre, both front and back of house, would actually look and operate back in the 'forties. It's intentionally two-dimensional, adaptable and beautifully quirky—much to the credit of Mitchell Reeve." - Thomas Magill, British Theatre Guide


"With only 10 lighting fixtures in evidence the lighting designer (Mitchell Reeve) pulls it all together." - Richard Lambert, Theatre Reviews . Design